more than 20 years of experience with local and international brands of all industries.
working ideas in alliance with clients’ marketing goals.
360° integrated campaigns, focused on each media.
a full-service advertising agency with strong creative and media teams.
our 22 awards at local and international advertising festivals.

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direct media | KRES

2 Nikolay Haytov Str.
Sofia, Bulgaria
entrance G , floor 1, office 1

+359 (0)2 954 95 97


Keep writing, Krasi

When she was a student at the university, Krasi unwittingly started working in a PR agency.  There began her adventurous journey in the world of communications. She likes event management because of all the interesting people you could meet there and especially because of the breathtaking mistakes, which she enjoys later on, while having a beer

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Do amazing, Zho.

When you come across a turquoise-hair girl keen on theatre, good food and advertising there isn’t much you could do but draw her to your team. So, welcome Zho! Turquoise hair, because it is a symbol of energy and tranquility and it also covers up an introverted character. Mountains, because nothing can compare to the swinging

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Welcome, Niki

Niki is our new addition to the account team. She is a recent graduate from the American University in Bulgaria, where she studied Journalism and Mass communication and Political Science and International Relations. Before joining Direct Media Kres, she was a social media manager at a Los Angeles based marketing agency. Her roots are in

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