EURO 2020

61 years back UEFA organized the first European football tournament, and since then it has been a major event that celebrates sportsmanship, which crowns the best team for the whole continent. Football is a cultural phenomenon, with attributes far exceeding the borders of the game itself. It has become a true spectacle, which promotes values like authenticity, festivity, and excellence. This year, for the first time in history, 11 different countries from all parts of Europe will host the iconic 51 battles. UEFA 2020 will be much more than a sports event- it will celebrate culture and unity.

The headline that we at DMK came up with is: “The game, that connects us”. A result deriving from the tournament’s mission and visual identity, which portrays not only the meaning behind a stadium, but also symbols of life and connectivity.

Nova Broadcasting Group and BNT are the official broadcasters of EURO 2020. The fun starts on 11th of June in Rome.