The communication campaign of Cinemania presents the festival as a place that unites various movie categories and attracts each category’s fan. We engage the public’s interest to a more sophisticated cinema. 12 posters present the festive program through designer’s info graphics – shaping objects, elements and people typical for the specific movie category. The posters were published by the most eminent advertising magazine – Luertzer’s Archive’s June edition. We are proud that they became also a FARA 2011 Gold winner.

The TVCs give four interpretations of one story. Each one is shot in the certain category style. To be really unique each part is filmed by a different director and shooting team.

On the Internet a facebook game vastly increased the number of Cinemania friends provoking real discussions about cinema, directors and art in general. We asked our fans which film category they fancy the most. Their answers gave us the criteria to divide them in groups of interests. Each group participated in a lottery. The winners received tickets for a movie from the respected category. At the end the draws became movies – literally hand-made by our team in the category style.