28 Jan 2022


Our beloved campaign YOU WILL BE HEARD in Ads of the World. What a motivation to keep working for that cause!

In Bulgaria we often ignore and neglect the topic of mental health and brush it under the carpet. The ones that suffer the most are the women who take upon different roles and responsibilities in their family and community. Remarks like “get a grip” or “it could always be worse” do not help, they even increase the feeling of being alone, misunderstood, unsupported, and unheard.

During 2022 The Bulgarian Fund for Women is starting a project, which supports the mental health of women by motivating females in different age groups to be brave enough to look for mental support. Through the platform kabinet.bg the project provides free individual consultations in the period of one year.

The aim of the campaign is to give hope to thousands of women, by showing them that they are not alone when it comes to their mental suffering. These issues could be current or something they have dealt with in the past. That is why the campaign message is – “YOU WILL BE HEARD”, and a series of metaphorical ads project different situations of worries, fear, confused thoughts and feelings.

Check out the campaign here: https://tinyurl.com/2s4ha492