07 Jul 2021

Analyse this

As a child Natali loved to sing and draw, but she also liked mathematics. Eventually life took her along the more “secure” path. She graduated from the High School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences in Burgas, got a bachelor’s degree in economics and then proceeded to work as a Business Analyst on projects for some of the biggest insurance companies in Europe. During the turbulent year that was 2020, Natali decided that it was time to follow her childhood dream and make a career change that would match her creative nature. She left the corporate world and decided to train herself to become a graphic designer. Natali finally got the opportunity to work as a designer in directmedia|kres, where in the spring of this year she became the newest addition to the Creative Team. Professional growth and constant improvement are Natali’s ultimate goals. She believes that team spirit and collegiality within a company are must haves when it comes to the development of the employees, especially young professionals.

Natali adores traveling, loves nature and would go camping all year round, if there weren’t other life commitments in the way. She is the proud owner of a husky – Shaq. While changing her career path, Natali also realized that happiness lies in the small pleasures in life, and she should not postpone things that she was dreaming of doing for “tomorrow”. That’s why during the last year she has enrolled in classes for Italian, started doing yoga, finally got her driver’s license, grew her first truly organic and bio tomato on her balcony at home and became the plant mom to a ridiculous amount of orchids.