04 Jun 2021

Let it be

Dobri is our new Strategy and Business development director. He brings 20 years of experience in advertising and three major insights:

  1. People and brands have feelings. Thus never underestimate the power of emotions.
  2. People and brands are not perfect and make mistakes. Do good along the way so when you mess up you will be easily forgiven.
  3. Perpetual motion machines do not exist. So, if you want something to happen, be passionate and put all your energy in it.

There are so many interesting things in life so he can not devote himself to only one, and he constantly changes his interests. Lately he is fascinated by carpets.

His ambition is to transform directmedia|KRES into an agile organisation that employs SCRUM, and although the road is long and curvy the results so far are promising.

photo: Ivan Ivanov