25 Jun 2021

Figures and silhouettes

It’s time to introduce to you one of the new additions to our ranks. This is Nikola – digital designer at DMK!

Ever since he was a child, Nikola has been finding various ways to express himself through art. At school, however, he choose to devote himself to mathematics. He ended up at the Sofia´s Mathematical High School, where gradually the exact science become a bit too much for him and Nikola rediscovered his old passion – painting. He decided to study Graphic Design at New Bulgarian University. Not just because visual communication has always been his passion, but because it combines two of his favorite things – numbers and colors. Thanks to these interests and talents, he is now part of our team.

He has various hobbies, most of which are related to art in one form or another. Starting with drawing and analog photography and ending with avant-garde experimental music. He does not limit himself only to listening to it but collects records and cassettes with tracks that can’t be heard anywhere else. He travels to various events and festivals in Europe not always as a guest – sometimes he is volunteering and helps with the organisation as well.

In the recent years, thanks to the lock-down, he discovered a new hobby – vegetarian cuisine. He managed to raise the level of his culinary skills from a simple sandwich to twisted dishes worthy of at least two or three Michelin stars.

Nikola always finds something interesting to show. He always manages to make us smile, make us happy, surprise us, impress us, and sometimes even startle us.