28 May 2021

The multifaceted Maria

Since kid she liked to express herself trough art and her first competition award naturally arrived when she was just 8 years old. In the last year of high school, she confronted the dilemma: design or guitar for her future career. We are glad, that she chose the first one. She graduated as a master’s in Visual communications department at the National Art Academy and hasn’t stop expressing herself trough art ever since. Her posters travelled across 3 continents – Maria has participated in more than 20 exhibitions in Russia, Bolivia, Kazakhstan, Germany, Slovakia, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria and many more.

She joined directmedia|KRES team thanks to an ad for internship printed on small flyers with cats, secretly distributed in the Academy of Arts by our art director and one of the copywriters. The flyers grabbed her attention and that’s how she ended up with us.

For 3 years at DMK the word “WE” became really central for her. Maria claims that the cliché “alone you are getting faster, but together you are getting further” started to have a real, monumental meaning even for a stubborn individualist like herself.

She has a soft spot for CSR projects and truly loves volunteering at the NGO “Healing without borders” for more than 5 years now.

Her hobby is to discover new hobbies and experience new things. She’s never bored because finds inspiration every new day, jumping from one inspiration to another – crazy manicures, embroidery, planting cactuses, candle molding… the list is long.

She loves getting lost in old and forgotten places in Bulgaria. She feels best with her feet in the warm beach sand, sipping craft beer under umbrella.