07 May 2021

Niya in the sky with diamonds

Niya had studied at three faculties of Sofia University before choosing marketing for her professional path. Why? Because it combines logic, communication, constant change and has always something new to offer.
An adventurer by nature, she gets excited about Space and the Universe, exploring unknown small villages in Bulgaria, and live concerts.

After nearly 4 years in the digital marketing space, where she worked for one of the largest online stores for consumer electronics in Bulgaria, advertising brands like Philips, Whirlpool, Samsung, and then few good years in an agency doing digital advertising for one of the world’s major technology brands she felt that something is missing.

She found the answer in meditation and psychoanalysis books she reads in the morning.
It turns out that logic is always what builds the structure, but communication is what sustains and holds everything together. And this is true no matter whether you are a brand or a person, expressing yourself or looking for like-minded people.

So, she choose to focus on Social media copywriting, where she can use everything, she has gone through and put her humanities and psychology education  into action.

And there she is, part of the smiling and positive team of Direct Media KRES, with which she is looking forward to many challenging campaigns with a lot of communication and enjoyment of the process and the result.