20 Apr 2021


She studied Film and TV directing at NBU, but had spent 15 years organizing film productions. She was a Production coordinator on a bunch of Hollywood films, Bulgarian TV series, TV shows and commercials. She had hugged Jason Momoa, got flowers from Morgan Freeman and had welcomed so many famous actors at Sofia airport that she should have her name written on a floor tile at the terminal.

She took a good look around 2 years ago and discovered that she wanted to know more about how commercials are born, before they reach the filming set. She is at Direct Media KRES ever since and knows that she can brainstorm on projects about yogurt, film festivals, mattresses, and hair dye simultaneously. And she is extremely happy about it.

She is a passionate fan of traveling and electronic dance music. She is dreaming of the opportunity to discuss projects about EDM festivals. And while travelling and festivals age just a mirage (we all know why) she is set on learning more about advertising, because there is always something new to learn.