06 Apr 2021

Keep writing, Krasi

When she was a student at the university, Krasi unwittingly started working in a PR agency.  There began her adventurous journey in the world of communications. She likes event management because of all the interesting people you could meet there and especially because of the breathtaking mistakes, which she enjoys later on, while having a beer with the team after a successful completion.

After finishing her master’s degree in Public relations, she worked as an account executive in several large and small advertising agencies. Now she plays for the creative team as a copywriter. In directmedia|kres Krasi has found the work, the projects and the people that make her happy in her own space.

She enjoys talking, asking questions and sweetly making people doing things for her, without even realising how much actually they don’t want to do them – a skill she developed at its best during her account executive times.

She says that at work and in life she can be a little bit annoying sometimes, but she also knows that she is kind, smart and good-hearted, so everything is under control.

She does not regret a single penny for the completely overpriced things she bought while travelling. She loves and CAN sing, but for some reason she feels extremely ashamed when she does it. She has her own blog and a dog named Raichо for the delight of everyone who asks her what’s the name of the dog.

She believes that inspiration and good ideas wait for us at every corner, as long as we care to catch them.