01 Mar 2021

Teo to the rescue

As many other creative people, Teo has been running away from mathematics for his whole life. That was his main motive for career choices. He graduates Ceramics in high school. Then he decided to study Journalism. His first internship in news focused media made him realize that he did not want to spread the feeling of “what a horrible place the world is”. He wanted quite the opposite – to work for a top magazine that costs 5 leva. He kept writing for Maxim and Playboy for nearly 3 years. The work in the press naturally lead him to television. For more than 7 years he has been a scriptwriter and editor in various production companies, developing tons of commercials and projects for BNT1, bTV, Nova, TV7 . There, besides, writing fast under horrible pressure, he learned to press the “Applause” button and when necessary, to “scroll the autocue”. The midlife crisis invaded him before his 30’s and he left for Spain with the European voluntary service.  For almost a year he worked in a monastery charity kitchen, in an NGO’s office; he was selling fair trade products at expos and was also teaching English. After his return he went back to the TV productions business. Soon after that at the interview for a copywriter at Direct Media KRES, he shared ideas involving lots of cats. He has been at the agency for nearly 4 years working for many brands and products ranging from bananas to insurance. He is still dreaming of receiving a brief for a cat food commercial.