19 Mar 2021

Do amazing, Zho.

When you come across a turquoise-hair girl keen on theatre, good food and advertising there isn’t much you could do but draw her to your team. So, welcome Zho!

Turquoise hair, because it is a symbol of energy and tranquility and it also covers up an introverted character. Mountains, because nothing can compare to the swinging of the green hammock up in the Balkan. Food, because there is no better way to become a part of the world and the culture of different people than sharing a meal. During winter and fall time you can see her on one of the red chairs, enjoying another theatre or opera performance.

Since early age, she has been dreaming of becoming a cardiovascular surgeon, but an unexpected encounter with advertising professionals at the right moment changed that. Zhivka is a student in her last semester at NBU majoring in Advertisement. From day one of her study, she has chosen the position of an account manager as a professional path. There she can sense that indescribable feeling of satisfaction brought by good time-management.

Her first steps in the field are as an intern at BACA, which then turn into full-time employment. She has always wanted to be a committed part of a big advertising family. That is why, with great joy, she is joining Direct Media Kres. Now that she has her big advertising family, she is looking forward to the speedy process, late nights at the office, unexpected situations, and aromatic coffee with no sugar (because that’s the sweetest way).