05 Mar 2021

Welcome, Niki

Niki is our new addition to the account team. She is a recent graduate from the American University in Bulgaria, where she studied Journalism and Mass communication and Political Science and International Relations. Before joining Direct Media Kres, she was a social media manager at a Los Angeles based marketing agency. Her roots are in Stara Zagora, but she is driven by wanderlust to look for inspiration and to collect stories from around the world. As a typical Aries – she is a cocktail of ambition, eagerness, perfectionism, and stubbornness.

She is very passionate about musicals – for several years, she produced Broadway adaptations with tours around Bulgaria. And she would never say no to Hamilton tickets. Niki is in her element when she organizes events and has the freedom to be creative. She loves to be on stage and backstage, to travel near and far and to mix up delicious food and surprises for her loved ones. A supporter of deafening singing in the car, spontaneous decisions, mountain hikes and nights under the stars.

Not a morning person, but a big cup of coffee and a nice brunch can easily pick her up. She describes herself as a limitless dreamer, who needs to express themselves on a sheet of paper – with a pen or with paint and brushes.