16 Feb 2021

Hey, it’s me – Villy.

As a child, she started playing the accordion just because it didn’t make sense buying her a piano, since her family had to moved constantly from town to town due to her father’s occupation – military officer. She will later on realize that all these new beginnings, each time in a new home, in a new school, with new friends, help her to adapt more easily to different situations and people.

She considers France, where she studied and worked for several years, her second home. There she nurtured her sense of detail and aesthetics, and developed her love for French cinema and art. After her internship at Radio France Internationale (RFI) Paris, she wanted to become a journalist, but luckily decided to return to Sofia where started her career in advertising. 16 years later she still works in the same industry.

She took part in hundreds of advertising campaigns executed for all kinds of brands and products – from soaps, chocolates, water heaters, cars and banks, through social causes for disadvantaged children, women victims of violence and Bulgaria as a tourist destination. She believes that in advertising the most important things are curiosity and hunger for learning new things. That combined with a cohesive team, and open senses for all sources of inspirations around us, are the key to the success 😊

Velislava Simova is Client Service Director at DirectMedia|Kres. You can reach her at velislava.simova@directmedia.bg