07 Apr 2014

Bulgaria’s got more than talent: Erkan


Sometimes you don’t need much experience in advertising for it to be living inside you. And to burst out of you from time to time like an alien out of an innocent astronaut’s chest.

That is the case with our Kre, also known as Erkan. He came and crashed our world, particularly with one specific design. The brief was about a gift box, and his work conquered the client like a Trojan horse, full of happiness and beauty.

Kre is a unique designer of 22, who is still an intern, but it is obvious that this would only be temporary. Just look at his logo-of-some-sort, which is staring at us patronizingly from the wall.

Caption: We don’t fight against wrinkles, we respect them

It’s obvious that the guy’s got talent. We wish him great success in his new agency and we promise to not forget him. At least, because his soul will continue to live in our hearts and lungs.

Now that we think about it, he may be smoking too much.