more than 20 years of experience with local and international brands of all industries.
working ideas in alliance with clients’ marketing goals.
360° integrated campaigns, focused on each media.
a full-service advertising agency with strong creative and media teams.
our 22 awards at local and international advertising festivals.

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2 Nikolay Haytov Str.
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As a child Natali loved to sing and draw, but she also liked mathematics. Eventually life took her along the more “secure” path. She graduated from the High School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences in Burgas, got a bachelor’s degree in economics and then proceeded to work as a Business Analyst on projects for some

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Figures and silhouettes

It’s time to introduce to you one of the new additions to our ranks. This is Nikola – digital designer at DMK! Ever since he was a child, Nikola has been finding various ways to express himself through art. At school, however, he choose to devote himself to mathematics. He ended up at the Sofia´s

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Let it be

Dobri is our new Strategy and Business development director. He brings 20 years of experience in advertising and three major insights: People and brands have feelings. Thus never underestimate the power of emotions. People and brands are not perfect and make mistakes. Do good along the way so when you mess up you will be easily forgiven.

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