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Cinema examines Art

The documentary film festival Master of Art has been presenting a global selection of the best documentaries about arts for a second year in a row. This year’s edition’s slogan is Cinema examines Art. The metaphoric camera-microscope thoroughly reveals stories and personalities from the theater, music, film, visual arts, literature and design.

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Find the birthday cake

dm Bulgaria turned 8. We have celebrated the birthday with an online game that is both entertaining and informative. We created a virtual replica of a dm store, hiding 8 cakes among the products. Consumers had to look closely to the shelves to find them. At each game loading the cakes turned up on different

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Shred away the year

For celebrating the end of 2016 we created a special web device called The Shredder. It can destroy everything that got you annoyed, sad or made you want to delete your Facebook profile, over the past year (just images actually), like your ex’s profile picture for example. Give it a try here.

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